rain on window

Everything is falling around me these days. Summer is shedding its skin; apples and leaves and limbs underfoot. Rain weeps down; gray gathers all together. It’s as if the whole earth saddens at the letting go, the season giving way. Life’s landscape changing.

And it’s almost like mourning, this shedding of my skin, this letting go. The landscape of my life changing. So much underfoot.

auburn path

But tangled paths are clearer now, graced in gold, auburn. Loamy soil replaces dry earth, absorbing, holding the pouring out. Holding a step. Tracing it. Remembering. Not a forgetting but a settling in.

And I settle in, holding on for the pouring out.

Leaves and rain fall, air rises up richly fragrant, filling my senses, landing on my lips, earth on my tongue. Change tastes like autumn.

foggy morn

Fall drops down. Mornings crackle, crisp in the change, the newness settling in. Winter whispers its coming, hints in chill meeting warmth and rising up like hope.

And I drop down, fall into the change, faith rising up like dawn.


The whole earth is still, waiting out the falling away, the settling in of something new.

And I still as it comes on: this falling away, His pouring out, my settling in;

a season giving way, a landscape changing

as I fall in to Him.

photo courtesy of Devon Marie Coppaletta

photo courtesy of Devon Marie Coppaletta

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