{Five Minute Friday} – WAIT

This week’s Five-Minute Friday community prompt is WAIT. Here’s my entry:



John the Baptist waited on Jesus from the womb, bobbing about in anticipation. His newly woven fibers knew his maker. Jesus was strung into his very DNA, was the bulk and mass of the spirit filling him. There was no doubt in John, not even before laying eyes on this world or on the One who was to come. He simply knew as sure as he knew the warmth of his mother’s womb, the silk and slosh of primordial fluids encasing him. He simply waited on infinite hope, a man-Hope as sure as life itself.

John eventually found himself strapped in darkness, in a dungeon dank and dreadful without his cousin near. His Hope had gone on without him, went and walked a road alone leaving John behind. The surety of John’s hope cramped and contracted and gushed forth like birth without a body, with only a desperate emptiness to cradle and call his own.

John asked, “Are you the one who was to come?” into the silence, into the air between him and a brother, between himself and his doubt. There was no immediate audible reply, no answer sure and true filling the void of his cell, to fill the void of his hope.

The answer came days later, carried on the backs of his brothers who couldn’t claim him, who couldn’t free him from his inevitable demise; a waiting of the worst kind.

Do not doubt because of me.”

And therein lies John’s end, the exclamation point at the end of his life. John’s story ended long before a girl and a garnished platter. Instead, his story wrapped encased in the certainty of Hope, an infinite hope woven into his very DNA.

I ask myself: How will you wait? Will you wait with fret and doubt? Or, will you twirl in this tomb rejoicing, praising, declaring?


I welcome your thoughts...

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