{Five Minute Friday} – RUSH

One word (reflect). Five minutes (write).



Christmas time is merely an exaggeration of how we are on a daily basis: always in a rush, everyone’s agenda so much more important than another’s, this forceful need to always be first. Simple courtesy is all but forgotten.

This is a negative view of my fellow man, I agree. I’ve been a bit Grinch-y lately. Maybe a lot.

I went for gas and walked inside the store to pay for my purchase. On my way in three people were on their way out. I held the door for them to exit. None of the three made eye contact. None smiled at me. None said thank-you.

I thought to myself, “How rude. What am I, your service provider?” I felt foul, had a rancid taste in my mouth.

Like I said: Grinch

I paid for my gas and soda and left.

On my way out two people were coming in. Again I held the door and the first rushed by while on what sounded to be a very frantic phone call. The second slipped in quietly behind her. Not a word. Not a smile.

I decided I would never hold the door again. Why bother? I’d be just as self-centered as the next. Plain and simple.

I rushed to selfish, self-satisfying thinking.

As I drove home my insides began to tangle up. I was very uncomfortable and anxious within my own skin. As I pondered my condition my mind centered itself on one simple question:

What is grace?


Grace is unmerited favor.


Grace and kindness- mercy- is God-given directly from His great love, not from any deserving or well-earned endeavors.

Good thing I’ve been showered with God’s abundant mercy.

Good thing or I’d be lost.


As is God’s way I was checked for my faulty feelings and corrupt thinking. Immediately He turned me towards His truth and His decrees.

Be kind regardless of the outcome. We don’t do for a result, a reply or a thank-you. We do because God is love and He commands us to share that love. He loves us, we love others. Plain and simple. That’s how love works.

That’s how love is.


Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. (Luke 6:36 NIV)


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Photo credit: Maja_Larsson on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

9 thoughts on “{Five Minute Friday} – RUSH

  1. I will not step aside for you;
    I will not give and inch.
    I’m bile-green, through and through:
    colour me The Grinch.
    I snarl at shoppers in the mall,
    and insult the Christmas revellers;
    paint “There’s no Santa” on the wall
    and use tear gas on the carolers.
    I’ll spray some water on the walk
    if there comes a freezing fog,
    and they’ll evacuate the block
    from the sulphur on my Yule Log.
    “Merry Christmas?” PLEASE, don’t start
    for sudden tears may show my heart.

  2. Brenda, I love how you talk of your growth beginning with what’s a natural reaction! You opened my heart with joy today! Thank you for being so transparent! I need that! You are truly amazing!!! LuAnn

  3. Amen! I so agree with your words: “We don’t do for a result, a reply or a thank-you. We do because God is love and He commands us to share that love.”

    So we keep being courteous, polite and loving … because we do it for Him. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Hello! Thanks for coming by. Yes, despite our Selves and all the darkness hidden inside, we still do it for Him, day by day. As for me, I often need a sticky note reminder right on my forehead. Grin.

  4. Yikesers … I really needed to hear today! What a great example we have in Christ, who molded this for us … thanks for being there, Brenda … to help me remember what true love is! Sending hugs your way 🙂

    • Where would we be without Him, eh? Oh, what a frightful mess! We’re all stumbling all over ourselves without Christ. I’m thankful for you and your encouragement. What a blessing to me!

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