Who am I? I am…

photo courtesy of Devon Marie Coppaletta

photo courtesy of Devon Marie Coppaletta

a child of God,

a mother,

a friend,

a writer,

an artist

in that order.

I am Brenda Lynn, an often silly, sometimes serious, always passionate girl.

I am a thinker, a ponderer, a wonder-er. Like coffee, I percolate. Often.

I am a sojourner. A wanderer. A seeker. I prefer the road less traveled.

I am a music lover, animal lover, tree hugger and a tomboy to the core. I’m not afraid of my own company. I like solitude. I don’t understand “boredom”.

I prefer wide open spaces. They remind me how very small I am. And how very grand He is.

I love sunrises (new day), spring time (new season), plain old-fashioned Hershey bars, the smell of fresh cut hay after a rain, cats purring on my lap, the wisdom of elders, white daisies, roller coasters, page-turning books, and people who make me laugh. Often. (I’m learning to love people, period.)

I am a single girl. There is no spouse; just me. And Jesus, my Constant Companion, even when I forget that fact, which is daily. (I’m learning to learn this, to believe this, which comes before remembering.)

And there are two boys whom I adore, admire and hope for daily. They are the best that’s ever come from me.

I wake early, work hard and struggle to keep priorities and finances in order. I live in a small house in an even smaller Wisconsin town. I am thankful daily for His perfect provision.

I am learning who I am. Whose I am. And the One true priority.

A few short years ago God got hold of me. Literally. I was elated, exuberant, driven. Then. Then, life. The world. The honeymoon ended, the romance faded, and I got lost. Again.

This is the story of a prodigal. A malcontent. A sinner.

This is my story, all wrapped up in His story- His saving story.


* * * * *

About the crown:


The crown in my header image was graciously gifted by Jeff Echevarria (Thank you, Jeff!), an incredibly talented artist and designer who has an awesome saving story as well. Jeff uses his gifts and re-birthed Life to proclaim the Glory of God as only he can. Visit Jeff’s website here to view more of his work.