My Heart Sings

I can not sing, Father.
A sweet, soothing voice
is not something you gifted me.
Toads at dusk are more melodious than I.
But my heart sings.
I would like to lift my voice high
to heaven, but the breath I have
is not sufficient.
Instead I mouth the words,
whisper my praise.
But my heart sings.
Others stand tall, lift their hands
to You. That is not in me.
Often I’m too weak
to stand, my hands too heavy
to raise.
But my heart sings.
Sometimes I’m sad, confused
by You. Sometimes I’m hurt
and angry with my brothers and sisters.
But here in your house
it all melts away.
And my heart sings.
I am a horrid sinner, Lord.
I say and do things against your will.
Who am I
to stand before you?
And yet, my heart sings.
Here in your house I feel 
forgiven. I feel peace. I feel
And my heart sings.
Broken and bruised, sinful
and undeserving I humbly come.
I close my eyes. I lose myself
in You and these lovely, loving voices
surrounding me.
And my heart sings.
You know my heart, Father.
You know every ounce of me.You know
I’m on my knees, my head is bowed,
my palms are raised. You know
my heart sings.