Who Holds You?

(for my Pastor)
We come like cattle to water,
like bees to nectar,
a babe to the breast.
So needy we are.
Asking of.
Inviting to.
Seeking answers.
Imploring relief.
Our eyes must seem endless oceans
as you wade against the current
of us.
Baptisms, weddings, funerals;
the tides of life.
There you are, holding us
A marriage gone bad,
a baby never born,
a sickness taking over.
There you are, holding us
Accusations, disparity, controversy;
fissures in our very foundation.
There you are, holding us
Sunday sermons must seem a relief
The easy part
for a man
who is no fixture
on these walls;
for a man
who faces his own
fears, frailty, mortality;
for a man
riding the ebb and flow
of his own life.
I wonder
how you hold it all together,
how you hold the weight of us,
and this world.
And I realize
He who holds us all
holds. Us. All.
He holds you.
He holds you and me
and him and her.
Here He is,
right here, holding us all